I  needed to drop some weight due to health concerns but I could not do it  alone.  I needed motivation and someone to keep me in line.  My job is  stressful and has me traveling a lot.  When I was home I didn't want to  spend my time in a gym, I wanted to be at home.  In home personal  training was perfect for me.  I also benefited highly from the  nutritional knowledge provided to me.  I could not have done it on my  own.  Thank you for giving me my life back."
Richmond, VA

"Divorced, living alone and not feeling as  "young" as I once was caused me to reach out and find a new way to help  myself.  I wanted to have my body move as it used to and feel more  energetic.  Working out with you is something I look forward to (most  of the time anyway) and have fun doing it!  My body shape has changed,  my clothes fit much better and I do have much more energy throughout the  day!"
Glenn Allen, VA

“I am an  extremely busy business man who runs a company in Richmond.  I do not  have time to jump in the car and travel to a gym where I will have to  wait in lines to use a machines to drive back home and get to the  office.  I am direct and to the point and I wanted someone to come into  my home to train both me and my wife.  I was over fat, and out of shape.   In home personal training helped me keep on task with a skillful  trainer who visited at least 2 days a week for a well rounded workout.   Since starting I feel 100% better.  My fat percentage has decreased and  my lean mass has increased.  My health is better than it has ever been  thanks to the personalized attention I get in my own home!”

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"I needed the motivation, I could not do it on my own!"
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"My name is Diane Houff and I am a fitness addict. The problem is, fitness can get boring and as I get  older, obtaining the fitness level I want is becoming more difficult.  I  felt I needed someone to push me a little, someone I was accountable to  and someone to make fitness training more interesting.  What I got from  working with "Fitting It In" is someone who pushes me, someone I am  accountable to and someone who has certainly made it more interesting  and fun.  The benefits I have from this type of training are  impressive...my legs feel stronger, my energy level is higher, my arms  have more definition, I have lost inches in my mid-section (which was  one of my main challenges) and because I am putting so much more  effort into my fitness level, I am more aware of what I eat.  It's  amazing how much your body (and mind) can change if you're willing to  put in the time and effort.  It doesn't hurt to get a few compliments  from folks as well!  I actually look forward to my sessions with  Carrie.  I am Diane Houff, and I approve this message!" 
Diane Houff
Glenn Allen, VA

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